About AllCare Pharmacy

AllCare Pharmacy is a full service retail pharmacy based in Worcester, Massachusetts, specializing in medication management of chronic diseases. While also performing the standard duties of a traditional pharmacy, we focus primarily on patients with HIV, hepatitis C, and other infectious diseases. Other areas of specialties include depression, diabetes, alcoholism, and opioid dependence. AllCare’s comprehensive compliance program makes it easy for patients to follow complicated treatment regimens. Delivery within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is provided by trained in-house drivers. AllCare regularly communicates with patients and health care providers to eliminate confusion and remain current on any changes to treatment or coverage.

AllCare’s rigorous in-house training ensures that all our employees have exceptional clinical knowledge and communication and customer service skills, and that their commitment to personalized care is peerless. At AllCare, we embrace innovation and are always analyzing our methods in search of opportunities for improvement. AllCare remains independently owned and operated, a throwback to a previous era in which quality of service was paramount and long-term relationships with patients were highly valued.

The AllCare Pharmacy Mission

AllCare Pharmacy was formed specifically to provide medication management services to patients living with complex and chronic conditions such as HIV and hepatitis C. We are driven by the desire to make the treatment of difficult conditions as simple, safe, and effective as possible, and to prove that caring, personalized customer service is not a lost art.